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Great art-work you've done here. I'm shitty at art, thus here's a review:

So yeah, let's get to the good sides first. First of all, I actually like the effect you've used here (some sort of black and white). As opposed to your other drawings, this one includes much more background. Second thing is the statue and the wings (how the fuck did you manage to make both sides almost identical?). Last of all, the 'stars' in the sky. =P

However, this doesn't make your drawing perfect. First I see a bit of non-full lines...thus in my opinion you should make all the white lines a bit more in depth (ha ha, my eye-sight sucks). Another is the guy with the blade: his back seems quite messy since the figure of the guy seems to get mixed by the building behind. Last of all: inaccurate lines. The door at the bottom-left corner, for example, has unbalanced lines (get it?). The same goes for the window above the door and the few windows at the right side of the pic.

Overall, 3.5/5. Nice try on the effect and creativity, but not accurate enough to become a masterpiece. Good luck on your future projects!


MaartenC responds:

The dude's back is messy, because of the cloak he's wearing.
Other than that, you're right, the buildings need a lot of attention indeed.

Thanks for the review!

It's well done with effort, but there are a few massive cons.

First I'll say that you've done quite well (much better than I can) in (re)drawing this cartoon-ish human(?). The most basic of skills seem to have been used here and the eyes and forms appear accurate. There's little need to change accuracy of the shape as this one is already pro-like.

However, I instantly find an immediate con: the lack of background. What I mean by this is that the background is only white, and there's nothing special going on in the background. If you (at least) add a clear night sky behind the character then the drawing would appear much more 'full'. Adding at least a background can upper your overall score from the majority.

Another con: no color. I already know your situation atm as you've told me before, but you might want to filter in colors to the pic. Some people, including people that dislike black-white sketches, might provide low scores to non-colored pics, thus I recommend you to use some coloring material (I dunno, crayons?).

Next: no nose? Is the character supposed to have NO nose? I don't know the original character thus I can't rate this. However, I convince you to add a nose.

Last, shadowing on the cat appears foul as a section is darker than the other. I don't know if it's meant to be like that, but try to do the shadowing with the same pencil, method, etc. Don't alter methods as this can ruin your shadowing effort.

Overall: 2/5 stars. Not your best IMO,but not the worst. I believe you shouldn't rush the project. Obtain inspiration before you draw it; don't force yourself.


MaartenC responds:

Actually, she's supposed to lack a nose in this picture, since in the series, it's quite a 'wut' moment. You know, anime is strange like that :P

I did add some small color in the drawing, though it's very subtle (her hair). I will keep doing that, but I'll add a little bit more.

The cat is by the way supposed to be black, the darker section was an unfortunate mistake with the pen :(

Also, I'll add a background; very good idea.

Thanks for the elaborate review, I'll take my time for the next one.

I have zero idea who Fluttershy is, so it might be a bit hard to review this. (I don't watch MLP) -_-

The first thing I noticed is that the paper is dirty of lead.* I don't know whether it's supposed to be like this or not, but it would be suggested to clean the paper to make it look clean as a new piece of art.

Second thing, the forms do not appear as a completed one. Rather, it appears as sketch and it would be considered to re-draw this until the lines of the hair face, mouth, teeth and eyes appear smooth.

Third thing, no color. Color is a major source for art. This is just black-white, and adding colors would give some life into this piece.

As an addition, you could add a background to this or different types of symbols to show what that (pony?) is actually doing in the pic.

The nose and ear seem good, so there's no need to change that.

Overall, 1.5 stars. Cleaning the paper is the first thing to do, and then you work on the forms.

--The Liberaten
--The Review Request Club

* "dirty by lead" is meant that the paper is dirty because of a pencil. If you used an eraser, some source of the pencil will stick on to the paper. In this case, NEVER go first-time hard-pressing on the paper. To fix this, do what Knuckstrike mentioned about the drawing with pencil.

Sectus responds:

I appreciate the review, and thank you for your time.

The lead was meant to look like that, I wanted to give it a general unhealthy, dirty look so I tried to smudge the pencil around the teeth to make it look like stains on her teeth from the smoking.

I know it doesn't look very professional, but obviously I am just starting out on all of this, and trust me, I am practicing and improving myself every day.

I would like to eventually start coloring my art, but I haven't really looked into it as of recent. Perhaps I will add color into some of my newer pieces.

I never really thought about adding a background in this. I just wanted to focus on the character itself rather than adding background objects to be over concerned with.

Again, thank you for the review. It is appreciated.

Hmmm...some issues, to be honest.

Well, I find this less amusing than the last one since this isn't a completed piece of art. Could use some re-drawing on the forms and shadowing.

By forms, I'm talking about the lines (they appear rough). The best solution is to re-draw it with deadly accuracy (it'll take days). Face form, eye form, basically the entire pic needs to be re-drawn to have a smooth surface, just like the last piece you submitted.

By shadowing, I'm talking about the horizontal line in the middle of her face (needs much improvement on the form and shadowing), as well as the other dark sections of the pic. Could be darker, you know. :P

However, the fact that the forms aren't smooth makes this pic less greater than its max potential.

Maybe you could keep these two in your mind when you continue to work on this WIP.

--The Liberaten
--The Review Request Club

MaartenC responds:

Dude, that horizontal line is no shadow :P I know the Dutch word, wijnvlek, but the English one is unfamiliar to me.

The picture isn't smooth, because I had to crop it up and still had to take a screenshot of it. It's really a shame, but our new printer scans in too high quality.

I'll redraw this one in time and I will draw the lines with that deadly accuracy. I do acknowledge that the shadowing needs A LOT of work, so that will be fixed too.

Thanks for the review.


This pic gives a "toxic" sort of feeling. A story could be made with this pic.

I barely find any mistakes with my eyes, except for the stranger's eye. It seems that little effort has been used to make the eye, and you could maybe make the eye seem more specific. (Instead of just blue, do some extra colors in there).

I find the rest pretty good. Good job. 4 1/2 stars.

--The Liberaten
--The Review Request Club

Well tried, but not superior.

One of the main reasons why I feel let-down by this piece is that the form of the Hulk looks barely as a Hulk. If you planned to draw the real Hulk, then you should have extended the muscles. On this pic, I barely see huge muscles which are vital to make a Hulk. Even though the arm muscles seen plausable, the torso and stomach could use some widening and placing ABS (six-pack) within the stomach and a more realistic form for the torso.

The shoulder connection was not accurate (Hulk's left shoulder has an extra muscle coming out while its right doesn't). The lower left arm should look just like the right arm, and the upper left arm could use some re-forming muscles.

The purple pants seem extremely false. Remove the additional purple cloth zones that are not connected with the lower body.

The head and face seem ok; the body could use some work.
The background, I don't think it could use some change, since this aims at "comics".

If the body makes some dramatic changes, than this piece would be of higher rating.

--The Liberaten
--The Review Request Club

PlusPlusKid responds:

Thank you, I'll try with more detail in the body!

Nice drawing, yet basic and smooth.

I shall begin by saying that this basic drawing is yet close to perfection. This doesn't need much pointers except for the following:

1. Background: the background has no speciality in it and you should put a background like a Dance thearte or yard of the school. This would let the pic look way more special.*

Other than that, the forms and colors are perfect.
Only the background could use some altering; the rest is perfect.

In my personal opinion, the eyes of the girl in the middle looks very zombie-like (lol). Maybe you could re-shape it a bit? Or is it meant to be like that? Ah well.

I can't argue against anything else: a 4 1/2 stars for this, so a vote of 5.

Good job. :P

--The Liberaten
--The Review Request Club

*backgrounds give a special atmosphere to the drawing/pic. With a dull background, the pic/drawing would lose some of its speciality.

Ah yes, another great piece of art. ;)

To be extremely honest, I find NO FAULT in this piece of work at all. This is basically 97% perfect. The forms, perfect. The colors, very 3D-like and great.

However, I always seem to wonder what the wizard is actually doing. If you added a type of "energy ball" at the top right corner of the pic with some energy converting from the wizard to the ball, then it would be greater. Another alternative would be strong hail. *

Another thing, as in the Viking pic, is the white area. It's too much (heh, I personally don't like huge amounts of blank paper) but I guess it fits to be told to decendants (spelling) via oral tradition, such as telling them who the wizard was and that he did. **

So yeah, a 4 1/2 stars to a *bam* five star. You need NO change of forms, colors and background, but adding an extra object (ex: energy ball, hail) would make the piece greater.

--The Liberaten
--The Review Request Club

* if the wizard was doing a spell/magic attack, then this would look epic. Otherwise, there's no clue to what's the wizard doing (except if you add strong hail). :P

** the pic seems more suitable to be told as a legend, so I'm not gonna view the white area as a downfall.

samulis responds:

Ya, I think the white area is really the only issue. I had not thought of adding some sort of spell, I might try that, thanks. :)


I'm gonna start with the eyes, mouth, shell hair, which are well-drawn. There is no need to change those sections.

However, this PNG pic has little or no special attributes whatsoever. It would be smart to add many additional, minor objects to this pic. The back-ground, for example, could use a background of the beach and sea with some boats and surfurs, instead of a total red wallpaper.

On another view, the connection of the hands are not realistic. You can basically see the difference. The arms seem very unrealistic. I've never saw anyone with his/her upper arm slimmer than his/her lower arm. You should make them at LEAST the same size (in this condition, make the upper arm fatter/bigger). Also, adding muscles for the upper arms would be a good choice, since he says something related to a sport. Also, the colors are different. Convert the arm color into the normal body color.

Last, this turtle's torso and stomach seem extremely unreal. Re-construct it into a form that are equal to both sides, so you can have a good shaped torso and stomach. The stomach could also use some ABS (six-packs).

For the rest, good. A 2 star for this.

--The Liberaten.
--The Review Request Club.

PlusPlusKid responds:

Thanks, I'll add a real background better next time! I think I know another drawing I've done with one and will upload it now. :)

Nice painting.

I gotta admit, this pic gives the "futuristic" feeling that it's intended to give, as you've pointed out in the comments (2038).

This work has focused massively on both major and minor forms. The forms, themselves, are close to perfection. The coloring was not perfect, though, since you could easily see areas of the painting that are re-painted, such as the bottom left area of the pic.*

I've liked the colors themselves but the forms' position could use some re-forming, such as the leg sticking out to the wall. It feels more as it's being bent on the out-curve.**

For the rest, perfect. However, I've felt that the "rain" or "snow" (whatever it is) doesn't seem fully real at the top right area. Maybe making it strike one direction due to strong winds would be good.

For the rest, good job. A 4 1/2 stars, so a vote of 5. The only important thing lacking is proper quality of the color strokes.

--The Liberaten
--The Review Request Club

* It appears that some areas have been stroked more than once on the same spot. Due to that, it'll look un-realistic. Could use some one-perfect-stroke to make it realistic. I know this might be hard.

** The leg appear to bend a bit (the beginning goes normal but goes suddenly a bit right as the leg reaches its end). I don't know all leg forms, but I believe it could use some straightning.

Lintire responds:

Yeah I'm really trying to work on using using flow and not opacity to operate values, nice to know that it wasn't too noticeable. And yeah, completely right!

I should probably just have used a rain brush and built on top of that. (also thanks feedback cheerio toodleloo)

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