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This is quite a good and funny flash movie.

This Minecraft-based flash has really shoved some entertainment into my thoughts. This is something that's worthy enough of a series. The ending? Hilarious!

Animation/Art: 5 stars
The accuracy, colors, forms are all beautifully drawn and animated. The way the minecraft characters are shown and move...just top-notch! There's no way to give critisism on art so close to perfection.

Audio/Voice: 4.5 stars
Unfortunately, there is a flaw in the audio. First, when the administrator in the Minecraft server says 'There!', the audio clips and desorts. In other words, the audio 'crashes' when he says the word. It hurts my ears a bit when I've got the headphones on a rather high volume. You might want to re-record that section if you want to eliminate this flaw.

Plot: 4.5 stars
The animation was overall funny, especially in the end, but it's quite short in my opinion. If you don't feel bothered, maybe you should stretch the plot by around twice the original lenght and add some additional humor and/or storyline. It's only beneficial if you do it right. Besides, the file size here says 1.5 MB, thus it doesn't hurt to extend the story until it hits 4MB, right?

Overall, 4.5 stars out of 5. Great animation, but needs some fixing on the voice clip and perhaps an extension of the plot.


Sorry, not top, but improvement could make this flash better.

Animation: 3 stars.
The animation was basic, and good, but the character movement was kinda out-of-place, as I've mentioned before in the other episodes. When the characters move, make them move their legs, not bunny-hopping; this makes this flash a bit unrealistic. The character forms were smooth. Some objects, such as the bed that Drake was sleeping on, was from the real world. You could use a flash-made bed. Also, mouth synthing was bad (as I've mentioned in the other episodes). Use some of your time to let them play in good place.

Voice: 1 star.
Very abrupt. As Sectus has mentioned, the voices seem rough. (Did you use a pro-mic? A pro mic could help solve the problem) Also, did you tried my advice of standing a bit far away from the mic to prevent wind hitting the mic? The voices are the ONLY reason for a bad score.

Plot: 4 stars.
Very good with the plot, but could be longer (put more episodes in one single big episode). I believe the episodes were too short. However, I like your ideas on this, it keeps building up the rising plot. Even though it suddenly skipped areas. (lol, my sense of humor has messed up this week)

Overall: 3 stars, so a vote of 3. I hope there could be some improvement on the series.

Haggard and Sectus are right, on their points. Also use their info for improvement.

--The Liberaten
--The Review Request Club


I was forced to watch EP 3 in order to know what's going on in this EP. Honestly, it makes me want to watch the rest of the episodes.

Animation: 7/10

First, I've noticed that the movement of the voices were not in symphasy with the voices. You could to some fixing there. The guy that eats forever eats a red blurring light, so you might want to make it look a bit realistic and make the dude move his hand with his spoon/fork and slowly. The art was basic and smooth. The bed that Susie sleeps on is from a photo or something and it should be replaced with a flash bed you can make. It would look better then. Drake and Rory shouldn't move like that at the part where they were talking about the guy eating forever. Also, make the characters move more realistic. Their legs should move and not soar through the air (lol)

Music/Voice: 7/10

Yes, this is the major downfall of this flash. First, the voices of the actor is broken, so maybe tell the actor to clean his throat to let him talk a bit smoother. Second, the air kept hitting the mic in most parts of the flash. You'll need a pro mic to fix this problem. Also, stand one meter away from the mic and speak loudly instead of talking quietly close to the mic. This is how to prevent the air hitting the mic, and making it sound rough. The music was good, though.

Plot: 9/10

The plot was good, but the only thing that could have gone better is its time. You can put EP 1, 2, 3 and 4 in one flash, since each uses around 1.5 MB. Or maybe 5 in 1 flash. This would make the viewer much confortable and can enjoy the series easier than many seperate flashes. For the rest, good job.

Major improvements needed:
--voice quality (prevent voice from sounding rough)
--flash quality (mouth movement, removement of real objects from real life, and movement of characters)

So, a 7/10, 3/5. Good job, but improve it to make it better!

~The Liberaten
~The Review Request Club
--grammar and spelling not revised.

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Great Game!

The only thing why it doesn't get a 10 is because the maps of the earth weren't accurate (Argentina and Chile was reffered as "Argentina", China, Loas, Vietnam and Thailand was reffered as "China) you might want to reffer the region as another name (South America, Southeast Asia).

Good game!

I gotta admit, the music, voices and the plot were all good.

The graphics weren't really bad, either.

So conclusion: 8/10. But seriously, I liked this game, even though I just had to watch the screen and hold spacebar.

Great game

Good to test your brain. Well, maybe you could add medals to this one. :)

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Very catchy, I can easily see this track in a best football "something" youtube compilation. First 25 seconds of the track sound a bit clippy but nice work for the rest!

X3LL3N responds:

Thanks a lot, I appreciate that ! :)
Comments mean a lot to me to be honest

By the way, gg for being in the Popular audios as well

Stunning and beautiful. Listening to this puts my heart at ease.

FleroviumWubz responds:

Ayy, exactly what I want to archieve with my music <3
Thanks a lot for your comment, KrisKrosNL!

~ Flerovium

Very chill beats, I like it man! The ending gave a bit of a Asian forest vibe, which is cool, seeing how Zelda was made by a Japanese company.

Aydin-Jewelz123 responds:

Wow! Hadn't even really thought about that. At the time I was just going through my favourite instruments and that one just fit. Thanks for listening :)

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Great art-work you've done here. I'm shitty at art, thus here's a review:

So yeah, let's get to the good sides first. First of all, I actually like the effect you've used here (some sort of black and white). As opposed to your other drawings, this one includes much more background. Second thing is the statue and the wings (how the fuck did you manage to make both sides almost identical?). Last of all, the 'stars' in the sky. =P

However, this doesn't make your drawing perfect. First I see a bit of non-full lines...thus in my opinion you should make all the white lines a bit more in depth (ha ha, my eye-sight sucks). Another is the guy with the blade: his back seems quite messy since the figure of the guy seems to get mixed by the building behind. Last of all: inaccurate lines. The door at the bottom-left corner, for example, has unbalanced lines (get it?). The same goes for the window above the door and the few windows at the right side of the pic.

Overall, 3.5/5. Nice try on the effect and creativity, but not accurate enough to become a masterpiece. Good luck on your future projects!


MaartenC responds:

The dude's back is messy, because of the cloak he's wearing.
Other than that, you're right, the buildings need a lot of attention indeed.

Thanks for the review!

It's well done with effort, but there are a few massive cons.

First I'll say that you've done quite well (much better than I can) in (re)drawing this cartoon-ish human(?). The most basic of skills seem to have been used here and the eyes and forms appear accurate. There's little need to change accuracy of the shape as this one is already pro-like.

However, I instantly find an immediate con: the lack of background. What I mean by this is that the background is only white, and there's nothing special going on in the background. If you (at least) add a clear night sky behind the character then the drawing would appear much more 'full'. Adding at least a background can upper your overall score from the majority.

Another con: no color. I already know your situation atm as you've told me before, but you might want to filter in colors to the pic. Some people, including people that dislike black-white sketches, might provide low scores to non-colored pics, thus I recommend you to use some coloring material (I dunno, crayons?).

Next: no nose? Is the character supposed to have NO nose? I don't know the original character thus I can't rate this. However, I convince you to add a nose.

Last, shadowing on the cat appears foul as a section is darker than the other. I don't know if it's meant to be like that, but try to do the shadowing with the same pencil, method, etc. Don't alter methods as this can ruin your shadowing effort.

Overall: 2/5 stars. Not your best IMO,but not the worst. I believe you shouldn't rush the project. Obtain inspiration before you draw it; don't force yourself.


MaartenC responds:

Actually, she's supposed to lack a nose in this picture, since in the series, it's quite a 'wut' moment. You know, anime is strange like that :P

I did add some small color in the drawing, though it's very subtle (her hair). I will keep doing that, but I'll add a little bit more.

The cat is by the way supposed to be black, the darker section was an unfortunate mistake with the pen :(

Also, I'll add a background; very good idea.

Thanks for the elaborate review, I'll take my time for the next one.


This pic gives a "toxic" sort of feeling. A story could be made with this pic.

I barely find any mistakes with my eyes, except for the stranger's eye. It seems that little effort has been used to make the eye, and you could maybe make the eye seem more specific. (Instead of just blue, do some extra colors in there).

I find the rest pretty good. Good job. 4 1/2 stars.

--The Liberaten
--The Review Request Club

I use music as a creative and emotional outlet. Also a sysadmin graduate!

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