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This is quite a good and funny flash movie.

This Minecraft-based flash has really shoved some entertainment into my thoughts. This is something that's worthy enough of a series. The ending? Hilarious!

Animation/Art: 5 stars
The accuracy, colors, forms are all beautifully drawn and animated. The way the minecraft characters are shown and move...just top-notch! There's no way to give critisism on art so close to perfection.

Audio/Voice: 4.5 stars
Unfortunately, there is a flaw in the audio. First, when the administrator in the Minecraft server says 'There!', the audio clips and desorts. In other words, the audio 'crashes' when he says the word. It hurts my ears a bit when I've got the headphones on a rather high volume. You might want to re-record that section if you want to eliminate this flaw.

Plot: 4.5 stars
The animation was overall funny, especially in the end, but it's quite short in my opinion. If you don't feel bothered, maybe you should stretch the plot by around twice the original lenght and add some additional humor and/or storyline. It's only beneficial if you do it right. Besides, the file size here says 1.5 MB, thus it doesn't hurt to extend the story until it hits 4MB, right?

Overall, 4.5 stars out of 5. Great animation, but needs some fixing on the voice clip and perhaps an extension of the plot.


Sorry, not top, but improvement could make this flash better.

Animation: 3 stars.
The animation was basic, and good, but the character movement was kinda out-of-place, as I've mentioned before in the other episodes. When the characters move, make them move their legs, not bunny-hopping; this makes this flash a bit unrealistic. The character forms were smooth. Some objects, such as the bed that Drake was sleeping on, was from the real world. You could use a flash-made bed. Also, mouth synthing was bad (as I've mentioned in the other episodes). Use some of your time to let them play in good place.

Voice: 1 star.
Very abrupt. As Sectus has mentioned, the voices seem rough. (Did you use a pro-mic? A pro mic could help solve the problem) Also, did you tried my advice of standing a bit far away from the mic to prevent wind hitting the mic? The voices are the ONLY reason for a bad score.

Plot: 4 stars.
Very good with the plot, but could be longer (put more episodes in one single big episode). I believe the episodes were too short. However, I like your ideas on this, it keeps building up the rising plot. Even though it suddenly skipped areas. (lol, my sense of humor has messed up this week)

Overall: 3 stars, so a vote of 3. I hope there could be some improvement on the series.

Haggard and Sectus are right, on their points. Also use their info for improvement.

--The Liberaten
--The Review Request Club


I was forced to watch EP 3 in order to know what's going on in this EP. Honestly, it makes me want to watch the rest of the episodes.

Animation: 7/10

First, I've noticed that the movement of the voices were not in symphasy with the voices. You could to some fixing there. The guy that eats forever eats a red blurring light, so you might want to make it look a bit realistic and make the dude move his hand with his spoon/fork and slowly. The art was basic and smooth. The bed that Susie sleeps on is from a photo or something and it should be replaced with a flash bed you can make. It would look better then. Drake and Rory shouldn't move like that at the part where they were talking about the guy eating forever. Also, make the characters move more realistic. Their legs should move and not soar through the air (lol)

Music/Voice: 7/10

Yes, this is the major downfall of this flash. First, the voices of the actor is broken, so maybe tell the actor to clean his throat to let him talk a bit smoother. Second, the air kept hitting the mic in most parts of the flash. You'll need a pro mic to fix this problem. Also, stand one meter away from the mic and speak loudly instead of talking quietly close to the mic. This is how to prevent the air hitting the mic, and making it sound rough. The music was good, though.

Plot: 9/10

The plot was good, but the only thing that could have gone better is its time. You can put EP 1, 2, 3 and 4 in one flash, since each uses around 1.5 MB. Or maybe 5 in 1 flash. This would make the viewer much confortable and can enjoy the series easier than many seperate flashes. For the rest, good job.

Major improvements needed:
--voice quality (prevent voice from sounding rough)
--flash quality (mouth movement, removement of real objects from real life, and movement of characters)

So, a 7/10, 3/5. Good job, but improve it to make it better!

~The Liberaten
~The Review Request Club
--grammar and spelling not revised.

Too short and basic.

Well, it sure does want you to see the other episodes of the entire series, but there could still use some improvement.

Art/Animation: 7/10

Unlike EP1, EP2 had smoother forms, which is good. However, the characters move without moving their legs. This is really unrealistic, so maybe you could try to let the legs move while they walk. Also, the characters move in a blurring style using fragments. This could use a slow-speed, smooth movement along with moving legs. The mouths have unjust movement, as it occured in the first episode. You should fix that, too.

Music/Voice: 8/10

Well, the voice quality could have been better, especially with the voice actor. You should get a group of voice actors instead of a single person. Otherwise it would cause some confusion. The voice actor's voice also kept tuning down at some points and tuned up at other points. This is a bad thing, and you should try to keep the voice in one, clean volume line. The music was okay, don't really need to change that.

Plot: 7/10

As I mentioned in the last episode, you should at least connect EP 1 and EP 2 into one single flash. Then it would be better for the viewers. Since each episode uses only around 1.5 MB, maybe you could have around 3~4 episodes in one flash. The plot on this episode was overall boring, but has potential to become better.

Overall, a 7/10 3/5. The animation movements and voice could use a lot of improvement, along with deciding whether to connect a few episodes into one or not.

~The Liberaten
~The Review Request Club
--spelling and grammar not revised.


It's not reall entertaining, but there is effort put into this.

Art/Animation: 7/10

First, there's need to smoothen the objects (the humans). The movement, however, was good. It was basic art, so everything should be smooth. The mouth movement were not good, they should be at one place, and not moving around the face.

Music/Voice: 8/10

The voices were not really good. First is because you could basically hear the air hitting the mic. To prevent this, stand 1 meter away from the mic and speak loudly. The music was good, no denying that.

Plot: 8/10

It was plain boring, but since it's a series, it'll be a good beginner. However, it's recommended to put 1 and 2 in one flash (or three in one) since one chapter doesn't use that much space. Therefore it would be better for the viewer since he doesn't have to click through two/three submissions.

Overall, a 7/10, 3/5. Major improvement for the animation and mic needed to make the animation better.

It's hard to offer a lot of critisism on this, since the plot is part of a series.

~The Liberaten
~The Review Request Club
--grammar and spelling not revised.

MistyE responds:

Thank you for your review!


Well, it really shows it. :P Its message confused me temporarily, but I eventually got it.

Art/Animation: 9/10

It was smooth, clean, basically a good flash. However, it would be smart to actually smoothen the movement of the dragons as they shoved left/right. The forms were perfect, no denying. The fire wasn't PERFCET, but it'll be hard to make it move clean and smooth. Even though the dragons moved smooth enough, I still could see some shattering zones. (This might be an issue with my laptop) :(

Music: 8/10

Well, the music wasn't as clean and smooth as possible. If you can, make it echo a bit, for some extra effect. The rythem was plausable (I see you used an Audio submission from the Audio Portal, so this can't really be your fault). The issue I have is its non-sound effects. Maybe it would better if there were sound effects (the dragon mourning, the crashing sound of hitting the wall).

Plot: 9/10
This surely spreads a message. Even though I didn't really found it "awesome" or "epic", I think it's a smart flash. I can't argue against this flash at all. Rating on this sort of drama, it's really good! The only reason why you don't get a 10 for Plot is because I didn't really liked it, just liked it a bit. Sorry. :P The bit where I saw the Black-White Form was outstanding. (I don't know what that's called)

Overall, a 9/10 and a well deserved 4/5. You'll need some sound effects, better audio quality, and smooth movements on the flash. The rest is good!

~The Liberaten
~The Review Request Club
--spelling and grammar not revised.

Horsenwelles responds:

um.... lots of issues with your review style that i have, but i dont mind the marks.

i simply try to avoid cliche and write a nice story for my baby.


Well, I've watched the entire thing, and I'm surprised about its message. However, there were some racial words which I didn't appretiate, but I don't care.

Art/Animation: 4/10

Holy cow, the animation? The forms were correct but the edges and sides were all rough and movement was blurring. The "SPAM" paper was too realistic for a flash and it would therefore be smarter to use flash-made squares with "SPAM" on it, rather than a real paper. The movement of the mouths of the Spammer were not accurate AT ALL; it was simple blurring. Also, the dick could BEND? OMG, even though it's your idea, you might want to let it strike in an arrow movement, rather than a bending rope. :P

Audio/Voice: 1/10

Oh, no. The Spammer's voice was of extreme low quality. You can simple hear the air hitting the mic. For this problem to be solved, stand one meter away from the mic and speak loudly. This will prevent the air from hitting the mic, and causing it to sound rough. On the other hand, if it wasn't a professional mic, buy one. They have outstanding quality and don't sound rough at all. The audio was smooth (well, they were from songs that I reconize). The second dude's voice was extremely clear, so maybe you could do the spammer's voice on the same mic. But if that isn't possible, buy a pro mic. In addition, the Flash Portal's door sounds disturbing to me. Maybe you could make it sound like a robot door (since it is tech).

Plot/Humor: 9/10
Why? Its message was outstanding. It was about a spammer complaining how ill-treated he was. Amazing. This is actually a good message to spread, even though I disagree with it. The random part in the end with the spammer raping others in oral and anal form was really random. You could have replaced it with some ultimate climax about what will happen to the spammer. (Well, it's expressed by raping and P-Bot capturing it, so I'll let that go for now). Overall, the plot was actually good.

Overall, a 5/10, 2/5. Voice quality could REALLY use a pro mic and animation could use a lot of smoothing.

~The Liberaten
~The Review Request Club
--grammar and spelling not revised.

thespammer responds:

My response:

1. Spam paper?! WHAT?! There creation of adobe flash as eliminated my need to use papers! What is this the 20th century or something? I am disappointed in you. :P
I know the quality of the artwork is lacking, but honestly I just suck at drawing.... Its not my fault im ugly :'(
I also think a looser style is more interesting to watch, as it allows for a larger variety of expressions.
Lipsynching was arguably the most tedious part of working on this spamination, but I made sure it at least worked with the dialogue (although it was way off in the end thanks to some exporting mishap)
And you dont know nothin about my dick, child. Its extremely flexible and strong and it defys all penile laws of physics and shits.

2. My voice is distorted for a reason! not only is it a part of my character but also a way to disguise my voice. Part of the effect of talking into a megaphone during my preaching was the sound of the breath before and after speaking.
I also added subtitles for ur convenience!
I wanted Lukes voise to be clear to show the contrast of the logical Vs. the Illogical
As for getting a professional Mic, I would love one... Why dont you just buy me one if you think I need it so much? Thats waht I thought. Cheap ass n***a >:(
Luke also has a pro mic cus he makes music. I have a noob Mic so that I can at least record dialogue for these shitty spaminations.
Lastly, if you noticed, the portal is a biomechanical gateway into newground's biggest trading center. Its a fucking asshole, it shouldnt make robot sounds retard! >:O

3.Well Im glad you liked the plot; It doesnt matter how good the drawings are, but if the story makes the most sense, then thats is what makes it awesome!
Im glad you got the message at the very least, despite your complaints about the animation and sound quality.

Well, thank you for your review; just keep in mind that I do the things I do for a reason....


Damn, this is great animation! No less. The beginning was making me last to the end (which made me laugh to death XD)

Animation/Art: 10/10

The animation was smooth, very coloring and objects moved clearly. This is simply god-like art.

Plot/Humor: 10/10

It's amazing how you assembled the humor, especially the end when the kid sweared while the waitress was listening. It wouldn't hurt to add extra humor, would it?

Voice/Music: 10/10*

The voices were very smooth and clear, there isn't possibility any way to enchante it. Great job on this.

So overall, 10/10, and a 5/5. Great job on this, really!

*I'm not rating the video-game sound at the beginning of the animation since it doesn't sound clean.

Those days again.

This back-flashed me to FireRed. :P Good looking-back from it's history.

Art/Animation: 7/10

Well, the first downfall was the no-color flash (except for some parts) it would have been better to add colors to the background, characters, etc. Also, the animation was rough (the black lines move out-of-shape). Lastly, the forms of the objects, characters, etc. aren't accurate. Well, you said it's you first animation, so this is okay.

Humor/Plot: 9/10

Those ideas from the old pokemon games, nice, but it wouldn't hurt to add extra bits, would it? Adding additional story into it would be much better for this flash. Adding that Easter Egg was a good move, too.

Voice/Music: 8/10

The voices, through my ears, were so-so, but not really the smooth feeling. You can basicly hear the "wind hitting the mic" thing after every sentance (but it's not noticable all the time). You might want to buy professional mics to let your voice sound smooth and clear without any rough wind sounds. As for the music, there isn't really anyting wrong with the music (from original pokemon).

So overall: 8/10 4/5. I'd say, good job on this. But improving will make you better.

~The Liberaten


At first I wasn't laughing because of the "battle". When the pikachu swearing started, I laughed to the end of my lungs XD.

Art/Animation: 9/10

Dispite it's great animation, I see some "faults" in the flash. Movement and position of objects isn't as perfectly smooth for a 10, so improve on that.

Humor/Plot: 10/10

Perfect, no doubt. This will laugh everyone to death when they see this. Maybe you could have extented the plot, but I guess that's your own option.

Voice/Music: 10/10

Voice quality is very smooth and professional. You could have added some music for the battle or something; to make it better.

So overall: 10/10 (+1 for the epic humor) 5/5. You used the epic ideas on this flash; I loved it. The swearing was the ultimate key for this flash. ;)

I use music as a creative and emotional outlet. Also a sysadmin graduate!

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